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Admission Information for Nursery class 2013-2014
Policy, Categories, Criteria and Procedures

The admission policy will reflect the general ethos and philosophy of the Springdales Schools run by the Springdales Education Society (Estd 1956). The schools are inter-generational, and promote inclusivity, integration and heterogeneity in their student community. They impart a wholesome education which develops in Springdalians good citizenship, social responsibility and multi-faceted talent. The school motto "Vasudaiva Kutumbhakum - the world is a family" permeates the entire curriculum and elucidates its commitment to an integrated secular India and a peaceful and a socially just world.

The Management, staff, alumni and parents share a collective vision and mutual purpose in education so that the students may fruitfully contribute to the wider society and address the realities and concerns of our country and of the world.

Springdales has a clear DIVERSITY POLICY in place which is reflective of the Constitutional goals of our nation. We believe in the intrinsic right of every child to receive good quality education. So along with others we educate :-

  • Children of Economically Weaker Sections of Society
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Children of Minority Communities
  • Children of Different Regions of the country
  • Children of Foreign Nations

  For Admission to the 136 seats in the entry class for 2013-14

We have therefore kept the following categories which are in consonance with the school policy and guidelines of the RTE Act.

Category Seats Percentage
EWS Category 34 25%
For the remaining 75% the categories will be:
General Category 63 46%
Staff Children's Category 7 5%
Special Needs Category 5 4%
School's Discretionary Category
(Permitted by Delhi Education Dept 20%)
27 20%

136 100%
  Category 1- EWS

Children of the EWS category will be given 25% of the seats as per the total intake of the entry class i.e. 34. This is the percentage mandated under the RTE Act and is a part of our social responsibility.

The applicants will have to fulfil the eligibility criteria prescribed by Govt and given in the Registration Form a copy of which is placed on the public domain.

If the seats exceed the number of seats available children will be admitted through Random Selection (Draw of lots) in the presence of the parent applicants. There will be a separate draw of lots for the Girl child for gender parity.

The whole process will be fair and transparent with names of selected and non-selected candidates placed on public domain.

  Category 2- General

For this category there will be 63 seats available which will be 46% of the total seats for this class.

The Criteria for selection of these children will be in accordance with the guidelines given. i.e. there will be no interviewing or screening of children or their parents. The whole process will be fair and rational, non-discriminatory, transparent and child-friendly. Admission will be based on the information given and will have to be backed by authentic proofs with documents attached to the form when submitted. Information regarding parents' professions and educational qualifications will not form a part of the admission criteria. It will be used only for school data processing.

Admission for the General Category of seats will be based on the following 6 criteria as per school's policy for which points will be given to ensure a rational and fair result. If there is a tie in the points for the last seats to be allotted there will be Random Selection in the form of a Draw of lots to finalise these seats in the same transparent manner as for the EWS category. The list of selected and non-selected candidates will be placed on the public domain showing the points secured.

  Category 3- Children of Staff

Children of Staff :

All permanent members of staff have a right to apply for the admission of their children. If any member falls under EWS category the child will be considered under that category. Candidates must apply through an Online Registration Form but no points are required for this category. If the applications exceed the number of seats allotted there will be a draw of lots and the non-selected candidates will be deferred to the next session. Grandchildren of retired staff may be considered as fee paying students if seats are not filled. Any seats unavailed at the time of closure of admission will be transferred to General category.

  Category 4- Special Needs

Special Needs Category :

The schools have a well recognized Integrated Special Needs programme for differently - abled children. A Special Needs Centre is in operation. To be eligible for the Integratedprogramme parents must attach authenticated documents related to the disability and a Certificate that the Child is ready for entry to Mainstream education. There is no point system for this category.

Any seats unavailed at the time of closure will be transferred to General category.

CRITERIA FOR ADMISSION (General,Staff and Special Needs Category)
  1. Sibling Criteria (25 points allocation) :
    The school considers this to be a very important factor for admission as it becomes very problematic for parents to have children in different schools. Existing parents also have a bonding with the school which they chose for their first child because of its special features. Even then, it will not be possible to accommodate all.

  2. Alumni Criteria (25 points) :
    The schools are three-generational and have a large 40 year-old Alumni Association with 4000 life members deeply attached to their Alma Mater and who have great aspirations for their children's education at Springdales. Points are allotted in accordance with the contribution they have made to the school and their bonding thereafter (20-25 points).It is regretted that all children of Alumni like siblings will not be able to find a place due to limitation of seats.

  3. Residence Criteria (20 points maximum) :
    Proximity of residence to the school is beneficial to both the child and the local community. So residence has been included as a Criteria for admission. It covers three aspects :-

    (a) Those who live in surrounding areas which are specified in the registration form (20 points)
    (b) Those who live in areas covered by the bus routes for Kindergarten children (20 points)
    (c) Those who live further away but can make their own satisfactory transport arrangements. (10 points)

  4. Minority Criteria (5 points) :
    In keeping with its ethos and objectives, the schools embrace a diverse mix of children from different communities, religions, regions, and linguistic groups. Aspirants must provide authentic proofs that they qualify as minorities as defined by authorized bodies like the Minorities Commission.

  5. Girl Child Criteria (10 points) :
    Gender Parity and equal opportunity for the Girl child is a part of Springdalian ethos. Being co-educational the schools try to ensure that the student population has an equal balance between the sexes.

  6. Single Parent Criteria (5 points) : :
    For children with single parent (legal proof must be attached for undertaking of single status).

  7. 1st Born Child (Girl or Boy) not being a sibling or a child of an alumnus. (10 points) :
    It was found in the last few years that very few 1st born children secured admission. Therefore they are being allotted 10 points.


Admission Procedure & Schedule for all categories (General & EWS)

Forms will be available ONLINE ONLY from 1st January 2013 from 8:30 a.m. onwards on the school website till 12 p.m. on 15th, January 2013.

Instruction for Parents:
1. Take a printout of the Online Registration Form on an A-4 size white sheet of paper. Use black ink only for printout.
2. Fill up the required information in the form.
3. Attach copies of all documents required with the form.
4. Kindly ensure that you collect a receipt and acknowledgement for the Registration Fees paid.
5. Submit the duly filed form, complete in all respects to the School office in which admission is sought, as per the schedule given below.

Forms for Springdales School, Pusa Road, Springdales School, Kirti Nagar and Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan are separate for all units. Parents seeking admission in Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan must deposit the duly filed form at Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan.
Parents seeking admission in Springdales School, Pusa Road and Springdales School, Kirti Nagar should deposit the forms at Springdales School, Pusa Road

Registration fees of Rs.25/- is to be deposited at the time of submission of the form.
No Registration fees will be charged from EWS Candidates.

  Dates FOR ADMISSION Procedure  :
(a) Acceptance of filled up forms
(Excluding Sundays and Gazetted Holidays)

02.01.2013 to 16.01.2013
(8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.)

(b) Lottery for EWS Candidates

12.02.2013 (Dhaula Kuan)

(c) Notification of First List of shortlisted candidates + Waiting list


(d) Last date for acceptance of fees from the First List 19.02.2013
(9:00 a.m. to 12 noon)


Notification of Second List (if any)



Last date for acceptance of fees from Second List

(9:00 a.m. to 12 noon)


Admission Closes


  List of documents to be enclosed with the filled up forms are hereunder

1. Copy of Birth certificate of the Child
2. Proof of Residence(any one)

  • Copy of voter's identity card
  • Copy of Passport
3. Proof of Sibling
  • Copy of fee bill of sibling
  • Copy of report card
4. Proof of Alumni
  • Copy of Character certificate
  • OSA Membership Card
5. In case of Minority
  • Proof of qualifying for Minorities as defined by The Minorities Commission.
6. In case of Single Parent
  • Legal document regarding single parent status.
7. Children of Staff
  • Details of Employment
  • Position
  • Date of employment
  • Years of service
8. In case of 1st Born child
  • Affidavit from Notary Public certifying that the child is a first born
  • Birth Certificate of child
9. Special Needs Category
  • Authenticated documents related to the disability and certificate from the Medical Specialist/ Clinical Psychologist that the child is ready for mainstream schooling.

Please Note : If information is found to be false the school authorities have the right to cancel the admission if given.

  Documents to be submitted with the Registration Forms under EWS Category

Submit anyone of the following documents as proof:

  1. Birth certificate under the births, Deaths and Marriages Certification Act 1886.
  2. Hospital/ Auxiliary nurse and Midwife (ANM) register record.
  3. Anganwadi Record
  4. Declaration of the age of the child by the parent or guardian.
  1. Ration card issued in the name of parents (Mother/ father having name of the child)
  2. Domicile certificate of child or of his/her parents.
  3. Voter ID Card of any of the parents
  4. Electricity bill / MTNL telephone bill / water bill
  5. Unique identity card of mother/father/child issued by Government of India
  6. Passport in the name of any of the parents or child.
  1. Income certificate issued by a Revenue officer not below the rank of Tehsildar
  2. BPL Ration card (Yellow Card)
  3. AAY Ration Card (Pink Coloured)
  1. A Certificate issued by a Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar or any other Competent Authority
  2. Caste Certificate issued by DC office
  3. Medical certificate from Govt. Hospital, in case of children with Special Needs/ Disabilities.

  Infrastructural Facilities

The School has an aesthetically designed building, state of art equipment and educational facilities which includes :

  1. A/C Multipurpose Auditorium: With seating capacity of 750- Hall of Friendship and Peace.

  2. Multilingual Laboratory : Electronically fitted for teaching English, French, Spanish and Russian.

  3. Smart Boards : Every class room from Nursery to Class XII and Laboratories are equipped with Smart Boards and Projectors.

  4. Laboratories: Chemistry, Physics, Biology Mathematics, Computer Science, Home Science, Geography, Psychology laboratories for different levels.

  5. Library with Internet connection & Networking : A well stocked and aesthetically designed library with Internet connection & networking for the Senior School; Reading Room-cum-Library for Juniors equipped with books. Children?s Magazines, periodicals, Newspapers etc.

  6. Computer labs and Computer Resource Centre : State of the art Computer labs and Computer Resource Centre with Internet Connection, Networking and with LCD Projector for projection of various presentations.

  7. "Saath-Saath" Inclusive Education Centre : A centre for children with special needs maintained by Special Educators who design individual learning plans for every students and are sensitive to individual needs of Special Students.

  8. Teachers' Learning Centre for professional growth of the faculty with Hi- tech Computers, Networked with Internet connection and Plasma Screen for projecting various information during workshops for teachers.

  9. Art Studios & Music Centre : Specially designed Art Studios at all levels and centre for Dance and Music (Vocal and Instrumental)

  10. Play fields catering to different sports and different levels of students including courts for Tennis, Basketball and grounds for Football, Cricket, Taekwondo, Skating rink, and facilities for swimming in a pool of International specifications.

  11. Activity Hall

  12. Staff Rooms, Lunch Rooms and Supervisors Rooms at all levels.

  13. Students Services- Canteen serving healthy, fresh and wholesome food. Books and Stationery store and Uniform counter, Toilets and Water Coolers fixed with aquaguards.

  14. Bal Vatika: An amphitheatre in the Junior School with a seating capacity of about 700 used for assemblies, cultural presentations and other presentations.

  15. Play Areas : Nursery and Prep classes have their special play areas. The indoor common play area has a large number of soft toys, rocking swing's, slides, tricycles etc.
    The Outdoor play areas are equipped with a jungle gyms, slides, swings, sandpit and facilities for water play.


The Academic programme of the school is designed to stimulate the intellectual capabilities of students and encourages them to think creatively and to produce results in conformity with the best that the child is capable of without undue pressure and producing in each student a desire to learn.

The emphasis is on collective endeavour and on co-operation rather than individualistic competitiveness. There is no ranking system and no examination upto Class VIII, with students being assessed on their day to day work and through regular unit tests.

The results in the board examinations of the CBSE are exceptionally high. The studentshave performed well in the entrance exams for Engineering, Medicine, Design, Arts etc. Our students are offered places and scholarship in Universities abroad including Harvard, Oxford, Princeton etc.

The school has a counseling department which provides information to students on various professions and organizes seminars and Vocational Guidance Programmes for students and parents.

The results for both Class XII and X have been excellent this year too.

Class XII
Out of 154 students who appeared this year 56 students obtained more than 90%. The school topper secured an aggregate of 97%.13 students secured between 95-97% and 43 students between 90-94%.

The aggregate percentage of 154 students was 79.5% with a total of 613 distinctions. This year too our students have been placed in highly reputed universities and colleges both in India and abroad like the Lady Sri Ram College, Hindu College, Sri Ram College of Commerce, VenkateshwaraCollege, Jesus &Mary College,National Institute of Fashion Technologies, St. Stephens, Armed ForcesMedical College, Delhi College of Engineering, and Vellore College of Engineering.

The streams offered in class XI are -
1) Non-Medical
2) Medical
3) Commerce
4) Humanities
Class X
The Class X result under the CCE scheme introduced last year has also been of a very high quality with 14 students securing a Cumulative Grade Point Average of a perfect 10, and 26 students with a Grade Point Average between 9 and 9.9.

  Result Analysis


  2011 2012
Improvement of Performance (EIOP)

95 10 7 14
85- 95 9 - 9.9 36 26
76 - 84 8 - 8.9 43 53
75 - 66 7 - 7.9 32 42
65 - 57 6 - 6.9 31 38
56 - 51 5 - 5.9 19 21
Below 50 - 1 1

Result Analysis
Aggregate Percentage Range 2011 2012
95-100 10 13
90-94 32 43
80-89 60 43
70-79 42 29
60-69 20 16
Less than 60 17 10


A) Registration Fee 25.00
B) Admission Fee 200.00
C) Security (Refundable) -
Pre-School to I 2680.00
II to V 2850.00
VI to VIII 2870.00
IX to X 2950.00
XI & XII (Arts/ Commerce) 2950.00
XI & XII Science with Lab facilities (Phy./Chem./ Bio./ Computer) 3070.00
(Payable in Four Installments of Rs. 1,500/- Per Quarter)
(For Sports, Medical, Insurance, Supp. Reader, Co-curricular, Activities/
Annual Day, School Publication, Work Experience Project, Educational Technology & IT Charges)
(Payable in Four Installments per Quarter)
Pre-School to I 4820.00
II to V 5130.00
VI to VIII 5170.00
IX to X 5310.00
XI & XII (Arts/ Commerce) 5310.00
XI & XII (Science) 5530.00
(Pre-School/ Pre-Primary)
SPORTS COACHING FEE (OPTIONAL) Charges as per selected sports discipline
This fee schedule is subject to enhancement for 2013-14 as will be decided upon by the Managing Committee at the meeting to be held in March 2013.


The school has secured a first rank in Co-curricular Activities for the last 3 years.

The fabric of the student's life is replete with opportunities that allow them to unravel and discover various facets of their personality through a range of Co-curricular Activities. These include public speaking, creative arts, quizzing, film-making, I.T. contests, choir singing, debating and declamation.

Various clubs give students opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. Our Quiz Club too has made its presence felt in the quizzing circuits both locally and nationally. The school quizzing team has participated in over twenty Inter School quizzes this year and won over fifteen of them.

In the Junior School too, co-curricular activities like dance, music, drama, art and craft and sports are inter woven into the daily time-table ensuring that there is never a dull moment.

Children are given opportunities to showcase their talents through class assemblies, house assemblies, inter school & inter house competitions,Bal Sabhas and many other events - One such being the Kindergarten Cultural Evening where the children perform on stage for the parents. Every child participates in these items, as also in the Sports Day in which children showcase their sporting talents.

In an effort to help educate underprivileged children across Delhi and NCR, Hindustan Times organized a Painting Competition in our school as part of the on-going initiative 'You read, they learn'.


Sports form an intrinsic part of the School curriculum. Opportunities to nurture sporting talents are made available through different sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Chess, Taekwondo, Skating and Cricket to name a few. Students have brought laurels to the school at both National & International levels in various sports events.

The school also conducts a formal coaching programme where Professional Coaches assist in honing the sporting skills of students in various sports.

The school Football Team has also brought many laurels to the school at the state and National levels as have the school Tennis and Volley Ball Teams.

We have also won a number of awards in individual sports disciplines.

Our National Level Sportspersons:

  • SabaKohliDave in Equestrian,
  • BhuvanVij in Karate,
  • Kanishka Gargbagged the Bronzed medal at the All IndiaTennis Competition organized by the School Games Federation of India,
  • Harsh Sen in Boxing,
  • Samarth Khandelwal and Sneha Sharma in Taekwondo,
  • Urchit Bhatia in water polo,
  • Raabiya Marici in basketball,
  • Abhinav and JatinKrishVigin shooting,
  • Karan Sharma in golf and
  • Mihika Sood in Kart Racing.

The Springdalians who participated at the State level:
  • DhruvTokas in swimming,
  • Shubankar Gupta in Football and
  • KanujaSood in Taekwando apart from numerous other children.

In the Junior School too we have many upcoming champions, Shruti Kakkar in Chess and Skating Champion Anishka Gupta who has recently won the Bronze Medal at the CBSE Nationals.


The very ethos and essence of Springdalian education moulds students into global citizens by fostering diversity and strengthening inter-cultural ties.

It is a matter of great pride that our school has been awarded the "Outstanding School Partnership" by the British Council for our partnership with Impington Village College, Cambridge, U.K. in two categories ? Partnership Sustained Beyond Project Funding and Innovative projects - Implemented in a Partnership.

Our overseas visits have given our students a good learning experience and helped build bonds of friendship and cooperation. The ongoing exchange programme organized by UNESCO Club and Associations, included a visit to the Experimental School attached to the Beijing Normal University in China. We had received a delegation earlier this year from the same school. On a trip to U.S.A. organized by Ed Terra Adventures, our students got an opportunity to visit NASA. Under the ISSE programme, our students had a wonderful experience in Australia and recently we had the privilege of hosting a delegation from the continent.In the Common Wealth Essay Writing Contest organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society our achievements have been commendable. Worthy of mention among others are Saba Dave, Anna Sinha, Ananya Das, Tanvi Banerjee and Rajdeep Dasgupta who won Gold Medals for their brilliant essays.

We participated in the Annual School Drama Festival organised by the British Council in association with the Manchester Metropolitan University with the objective of encouraging cultural relations between India and the UK and qualified for the semi-finals out of forty five schools from all over India.MiliSoni has been adjudged as the Best Actress and has been awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- and also a visit to the United Kingdom.


The Special Needs Centre, Saath-Saath, started in 2006 has been addressing the needs of differently abled children. Workshops have been organized for parents on the importance of "play" in a child's life and for teachers on the techniques to be used to meet the needs of different learners. Std. XI students, as mentors, guide and help the children in their day-to-day activities. Special Educators who are well qualified and experienced address the individual needs of children with Special Needs. An essential part of the education at Springdales is working for the underprivileged and economically weaker sections of society. By reaching out to them through the community service programme integrated in the school curriculum, students get an opportunity to work for their betterment.


The Teaching Faculty :
The Director of the Springdales Schools is Dr. Jyoti Bose, M. Phil Sociology of education, M.A. (Sociology) B. Ed. She has run the Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan since its inception in 1983. She has over 32 years of experience as Principal securing a ranking for the school as the 7th Top Day Schools in the country with her quest for excellence.

She is the recipient of many awards under the Delhi State Teachers Award, the National Award for Teachers, an honorary Ph. D. from Middlesex University of London for her lifetime work in education and International Understanding. She has served on many educational boards, a former President of the National Progressive Schools Conference and currently member of the Delhi Advisory Board of Education and Vice Chairman of Springdales School, Jaipur.

Mrs. Ameeta Wattal, M. A. (English), B. Ed. has a rich experience of educational leadership of 3 decades, joining Springdales School, Pusa Road as Principal in 2001. Being dynamic and creative she has been assisting the CBSE in formulating innovative practices & policies, for the country including CCE & Value Education. She has received many awards, including the National Award for teachers and is currently serving in the Board of NCERT and CBSE. She is the Vice President of the NPSC. She was Manager of the Springdales School Jaipur.

The Junior Schools are run by very experienced and creative Headmistresses:

1. Mrs. Sujata Maleyvar, M.Sc., B.Ed., Springdales, Dhaula Kuan

2. Mrs. Soma Banerjee, M.A. (English), B. Ed., Springdales, Pusa Road

3. Mrs. Lalita Mehta, M.A. (Hindi), B. Ed., Springdales, Kirti Nagar

4. Mrs. Olive Malaki, M.A., B. Ed., Springdales Kalwar Road, Jaipur

The teacher's faculty in all the schools is fully qualified and experienced :

1. Mrs. Anita Luthra, M.Sc. (Bio), B. Ed. Academic Supervisor, Pusa Road

2. Mrs. Ritu Madan, M.A. (Econ), B. Ed. Academic Supervisor, Dhaula Kuan

Dedicated and highly qualified and experienced staff at all levels and subjects continuously strive for excellence, ensuring that the school grows from strength to strength and has made a name for itself at both the National and International level.